We sees an Opportunity to Energize and Improve our Planet.

Advanced Technology to Turn Waste into Sustainable Liquid Fuels.

We Provide Advanced Technology to delivers clean and Sustainable Liquid Fuels and Electricity.

We Utilize Innovative Solutions that Solves Waste Problem.

Welcome to OVI Energi

OVI ENERGI is committed to minimizing the amount of waste that goes into landfills or open air dumps every year. We have pledged to keep more than 50000 tons of waste from going into Bantar Gebang landfills every year, we are on our way in making this commitment with all of our partners’ supports.

We will work with Cities, Companies, and Financial Institution to achieve this target. Each year we will franchise our equipment to other provinces in Indonesia so that every city will have a way to manage waste better and more important thing is we are creating truly clean energy to supply our energy needs. In figures, this is the waste carried by a 10 mile long line of garbage trucks.

We are always excited to hear from partners, distributors, companies, entrepreneurs, cities, organizations, and governments that are looking for bold, common-sensical and financially viable solutions to their waste and energy challenges.

Thank you for an opportunity for us to share our goals and dreams. We hope that your institution will have the same goal as ours and join us on this project. You may contact us at anytime.