Who We Are

PT. OVI Energi is a waste-to-energy company headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our mission is to deliver innovative, efficient, profitable and environmentally responsible solutions to convert Zero Waste. We are a company that develops innovative solutions that solve waste problems and produce energy substance. Our focus is clear and bold: We provide technology and solutions that will help Indonesia’s waste problems and delivers Clean and Sustainable Liquid Fuels or Electricity as a result. Our approach to Waste and Energy problems is unique, we offer waste-producing organizations in Indonesia an unparalleled solution that enables them to use their waste and profitably convert it into energy.

Every year more than 3 Billion tons of waste are dumped to open air or disposed of improperly around the world. Waste is a problem that represents high costs to governments, citizens, companies, and has a strong environmental effect on our planet. OVI Energi is focused to utilize wastes and turn it to energy power so our environment can stay clean. Our proprietary and advanced technology allows for an unmatched result: to convert a variety of waste types into energy at a remarkably high rate. Our process is highly energy efficient, and it produces no pollution. Our technology will eliminate expenses on waste-disposal, produce ready-to-use fuels or electricity, and operate in a highly profitable way.

Current solutions to the Waste Problem come in the form of waste collection that picks-up the trash on the curbside and disposes of it in landfills or incinerators. However, landfills have significant effects over the land, water, and air quality of their environments. Incineration produces highly polluting gases and toxic ashes that still require disposal. In addition, landfills and incinerators fail to reduce the quantity of waste we are dumping, and to maximize the energetic potential of the waste. In Bantar Gebang, more than 5000 tons wastes are being dumped on their landfills. At OVI Energi, we ask ourselves how we can help to reduce it.

In 2012, we have acquired a partnership with waste to energy company based in USA that produce equipment to transform waste to energy substance and OVI Energi agreed to utilize the technology for implementation in Bantar Gebang, Indonesia. As our pilot project, we also established a partnership with PT. Godang Tuajaya, a waste management company in Bantar Gebang, which can provide us with continuous waste feedstock for our plant. Our plan in the next 12 months, OVI Energi Plant will produce its first Liquid Fuel and Electricity and start contributing to save this planet.

Recycle Waste

Our Technology can process a number of waste streams including Agricultural Waste, Municipal Solid Waste, Industrial Outputs, Sewage and others. We have designed our system to adapt to the hardest waste types.

Clean Fuels

Our Process has the unique capacity to produce commercial-grade fuels on-site. These can be directly used to power vehicles, machines, and a number of operations. Our clients use the produced fuel directly or sell it.

No Emissions

Our technology system has been design & tested to produce no toxic air emissions and to minimize the use of energy and production of waste. We are compliant with Japanese, European, and US environmental regulations.