Bantar Gebang

Future OVI Energi MWPP

Methane Power Plant

Compost Facility


The majority of the collected municipal solid waste in Jakarta is disposed to a single land site, called Bantar Gebang Final Disposal site in Bekasi Regency, West Java Province. This site has a total area of 108 ha. The type of disposal is landfill. The site consist of 5 zones. Sanitary landfill refer to the method of digging the ground to a certain depth alternately piling horizontal layers of waste and than covering the layers with earth layers. Every day more than 5000 tons of waste (MSW) are being transported and dumped in the Bantar Gebang landfills.

OVI Energi is interested in constructing an innovative solution to convert waste with what they called as waste to energy plant using OVI energi pyrolysis energy plant. It is believed the conceptual facility able to process and to divert the targeted waste materials that delivered to Bantar Gebang landfill disposal.

The Municipal Waste Power Plant Bantar Gebang 5 X 2 MW will be located at the Bantar Gebang district. Our plant in Bantar Gebang will be a small-scale Waste to Energy plant that can transform any type of organic waste into diesel fuel, kerosene or electricity. Land space area approximately 10.000 m2 and feedstock consumption 300 tons per day with output of 10 Mega Watts Electricity per month and 5 million gallons Bio Diesel per year.

Waste Compositions in Bantar Gebang:

• Organics : 55,37 %

• Papers and Cardboards : 20.57 %

• Plastics : 13,25 %

• Woods : 0,07 %

• Garments and Textiles : 0,61 %

• Cements and Concretes : 0,81 %

• Metals : 1,06 %

• Rubber/Skin Imitation : 0,19 %

• Glass : 1,91 %

• Others : 6,17 %

Waste Condition

Waste in bantar gebang is mostly coming from Jakarta. Every day more than 5000 tons are being transported and dumped in their landfills and some of the wastes are spread down on the road and making unpleasant smell. In order to manage waste in the right way, PT. Godang TuaJaya built Compost Facility in 2008 and their composting product is being sold throughout Indonesia. In 2008 PT. Godang Tuajaya also work with their partner to build methane power plant and it is able to produce up to 14 MW electricity to be sold to PLN.

Bantar Gebang Benefits:

• Savings: Generate savings on landfill expenses and diesel fuel for the city.

• Environmental: Reduce carbon emissions by avoiding waste disposal and promoting use of renewable fuels.

• Job Creation: Plant will generate 100 new jobs.

• Investment: OVI ENERGI will invest $35 million dollars.

• No Risk: OVI ENERGI is fully responsible for entire project through lifecycle.

• Green Objectives: Supports Bantar Gebang long-term commitment to sustainability.

• Reliability: The system is highly reliable and operates continuously year around.

• Facilities: Maximize useful life of existing waste management infrastructure by extendng landfill life.

• Minimal Impact: Create minimal impact in existing facilities and staff.

• Technology: Benefit from highly advanced technology without capital expenditure.

• PR: Improve City’s green reputation.