Our Partners

A Strong and Growing Team

Naoya Yoshikawa, CEO, considerable technical and management expertise, with over 15 years of expertise in energy and environmental companies and a broad portfolio of growing technology companies. One of few venture capitalists on a private basis in Japan and has served as CFO or outside director of listed companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Kyle Fair, Chairman - GGI Operations 30 years experience in real estate development and re-development of commercial properties as well as acquisition and operation of commercial businesses. Mr. Fair has managed, owned and operated projects including office, retail, industrial and multy-family.

Rodolfo Jimenez, President and COO, over 20 years of global corporate, management, operations and marketing experience with complex operations (Coca-Cola Co.) and fast paced start-ups (Pollo Campero restaurants).

Ruben Aldape, Executive VP & CFO, recent Shell Oil retiree, after 35 years of service, with strong background in startup (PET plant/LNG site in Mexico, Natural Gas in Brazil) and reengineering of business units (R&D center, chemical business unit in USA, etc).

Yang Hyon Mo, Director R&D, has invested over 25 years into studying, experimenting, and improving technologies to solve the world’s waste problems. He has been succesful in integrating a number of technology components as a result of his wide-ranging network of connections with experts and academic researchers over many years of work.

Yozo Kato, VP Engineering, is highly experienced (over 35 years) in engineering and manufacturing. Along his career, has been responsible for the development, design, installation, and operation of a variety of manufacturing facilities and advanced technologies in the energy sector. He has conducted projects in a number of countries in Asia, and has invested over 10 years in the research and development of alternative energies.