Continuous Research & Development

With more than 12 years of research and development in Japan. OVI Energi assembled a group of leading scientists and presented the challenge: to design a small-scale system capable of transforming a variety of waste streams while using as little energy as possible and yielding ready-to-use energy products. The technical challenges were massive, every stage of the process required unique components and sophisticated technology. The early stages were full of challenges and failures. Our team endured.

OVI Energi partners built more than 3 test plants, each using different feedstock and technologies. None of them resulted in a truly operational model. Finally in 2006 all the technology pieces came together. In our test site near Seoul, South Korea our small-scale waste-to-energy plant worked. We conducted rigorous tests on air emissions, outputs, and waste streams. Our team developed unique sorting methods for a number of waste streams, and the technology was perfected. Finally, the challenge had been met.