Ovi Energi Technology

Ovi Energi is proud to work with some of the best technology provider as our partners and by implementing their renewable energy technology in indonesia to accomplish green mission that we carried. Our partners mostly has experience more than 20 years in turning waste to energy. As we positioned ourselves more into waste to energy company, we welcome any company who would like to market its technology and implement renewable energy technology in Indonesia to become our partner. Our goal is providing clean energy to our great country, Indonesia, so any technology that can help to reduce emission and generate clean energy are matter to us.

Our Equipment has developed, implemented, and improved a number of breakthrough technologies that:

• Allow using a wide range of waste types as feedstock.

• Produce no toxic air emissions, and minimize solid by-products.

• Highly improve the energy efficiency of transforming the waste-into-energy.

• Enable the process to be cost-effective and profitable even at a very small scale.

The Process

Learn more about the results of over 12 years of advanced research and development. OVI Energi's waste-to-energy process and the revolutionary technology behind it.

Proprietary Gas Conditioning Technology

The syngas is purified using our patented advanced 3 steps nanoparticle technologies that safely remove the heavy elements.

Key Technology Features

OVI Energi manufactures solutions that utilize existing waste resources and transform them into ready-to-use energy sources. We have developed sophisticated key technology features that result in a clean process, maximize the utilization of waste streams, and is a viable and profitable business operation. The opportunity is immense, because where others see problems, OVI Energi sees an opportunity to energize and improve our planet.

Continuous Research & Development

With more than 12 years of research and development in Japan. OVI Energi assembled a group of leading scientists and presented the challenge: to design a small-scale system capable of transforming a variety of waste streams while using as little energy as possible and yielding ready-to-use energy products.